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The Book Publication Process:

1. You contact our office for a no obligation book planning and assessment service.

  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. You agree our terms and then complete and sign our publication contract.  

3. You submit  your completed work,  via email   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   making the subject line your contract code'  or via Drop Box . We only accept WORD documents. While the cover will be colour the interior is black and white text/ photos/ graphics on white/ cream paper. (Full colour printing is available but is an expensive 'selling' option).
4. We allocate a 'book editor'  who makes contact with you via email.
5. The editor works on your submitted works and then forwards a PDF printing proof of the works for your checking.
6. You make any required changes using the book change template we supply.

NOTE: if you are wanting your book developed as an e-book you must ensure there are no 'text boxes' within the book and that you have used only 'Heading 1' and Heading 2'. 

7. If your book is an 'academic book' we send the book out for peer review ( as a matter of policy). The book is then labelled 'blind peer reviewed' on the publication page.
8. The book's cover is planned (we use standard formats) with you and a PDF proof forwarded for the authors approval.
9. Publication and marketing details are finalised.
10. You approve the publication of your book via en email to that effect.
11. The book is published (4 - 6 week turnaround) 

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Our friendly and experienced  team are here to help you

How to publish an ‘edited collection’

The lead writer in any edited collection (of chapters) is known as the ‘book editor’. The book will be registered and catalogued under the name(s) of the book editor.  This person(s) is responsible for orchestrating the book so that the written material is presented in an authentic and cohesive fashion. If you are a book editor, here are a few things you need to be aware of (after Steps 1 to 3 have been completed as per the previous section):

1. It is important that you complete the proof reading (grammar, sytax, spelling, punctuation, etc) of each chapter BEFORE you submit the completed manuscript to your assigned Primrose Hall editor.  During proof reading you need to ensure that each chapter is ready for publication. This means:

a.Decide the order you want each chapter to appear in the book (ie: Chapter 1,2,3 and so on)

b.Write an abstract for each chapter (no more than 80 words) such that it introduces the chapter and cements each chapter into the overall book theme. This needs to appear in italics after the chapter author's name and before the introduction.

c.Ensure the textual font for the book is consistent (we recommend Garamond or New Times Roman, 11ppt, with sub headings Bold 12ppt and main heading bold 36ppt). We recommend that you use the 'select all' function in WORD to make such changes.

d.Write a 200 word ‘Blurb’ for the back cover

NOTE: the formatting of the book for printing is the role of the assigned Primrose Hall Editor. The editor will do a cursory proofread only. 

2. Submit the complete book (as a ZIP file) to your assigned Primrose Hall editor, where each chapter is clearly labelled (Chapter 1, 2, etc) and all supplementary material (dedication, acknowledgements, etc) included as well. It is most helpful to provide a mock-up contents page to guide your assigned Primrose Hall editor.

3. Once material has been forwarded to your book editor, (always via email) you are then responsible for making editorial decisions on behalf of your chapter authors as your Primrose Hall editor works on your book.

4. The publication process follows that as outlined in the previous section.


What is ‘Blind Peer Review’?

Primrose Hall has an academic publishing division. In simple terms we publish works for academics, scholars and researchers. To ensure we publish credible and reliable material it is standard policy to send all academic manuscripts out for blind peer review.

In a peer review process two experts in the associated field are asked to review the manuscript. There are four broad criteria that are examined during this process. These are listed below. Works are judged as being (a) publishable without need for amendments, (b) publishable with amendments or (c) not publishable --rejection. In all cases Primrose Hall publishes under the recommendation of the reviewers. Because the process is ‘blind’, neither the reviewer nor the author are known to each other. Reviewer feedback is provided to the author.

1.Contribution:  The degree to which the paper contributes to the field: the level of accuracy, the robustness and impact of findings / points made.

2.Methodology: The logic and applicability of the methodology applied and its capacity to effectively interrogate data as intended for the conclusions made.

3.Data synthesis, analysis and conclusions: The extent to which the paper uses its data/ sources to present findings, argue its case and logically conclude a series of findings.

4.Technical Strength: High levels of grammar, syntax, spelling, clarity of ideas, overall presentation structure.


Royalty Policy

Primrose Hall Publishing Group pays royalties to authors. The rates payable for royalties are outlined and agreed in a publishing contract. The following standard terms and conditions apply to all contracts unless otherwise stated.  Royalty Policy


Marketing your Book

As its central marketing strategy, Primrose Hall Publishing Group lists all its books with major on-line book sellers, such as; Amazon.com; Barnes and Noble and Ingram,  and profiles them on its own on-line website. We have a number of publishing plans which authors can purchase should they wish to increase their book's exposure to potential clients. 

Trade Faires

Other Service Packages to promote your book:

Internet Marketing

Online Book Ads Via Google - Standalone (30 Days)

Online Book Ads Via Google - Standalone (60 Days)

Online Book Ads Via Google - Standalone (90 Days)


Advertising And Giveaway On Goodreads

Business Cards And Promotional Materials

15 Second Video Spot

Book Video

Author Video


Press Releases For Print, Web And Video

Full-Scale Campaigns For Print, Web And Video

Specialized Social Media Publicity

Professional Reviews and Events

Book Exhibits At National And International Levels

Kirkus Review Packages

The Trifecta Review (Kirkus, Clarion And BlueInk)


Hollywood Coverage

Hollywood Screenplay

Hollywood Treatment

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Author Resources:

Things you should know about to:

Get your book sold 

Top 10 on-line writing tools 

What makes a good book?

How to proof your book

How to format your book for submission

 Admin things:

Download a template (Royal 6"x9")  or  template (Crown 7" x9") and use this to write you book.


Required Changes to my Proof Copy form

Publishing checklist

Contact an editor:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

 Collect or post a file to your editor  Dropbox


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