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   Rethinking Teacher Education: Teacher education in the Knowledge Age By Richard Smith and David Lynch

From the people who turned teacher education on its ear in Australia in 2001 comes a text about  preparing the next generation of teachers. Richard Smith and David Lynch, two of Australia's leading teacher education researchers and the architects of the acclaimed Bachelor of Learning Management program (BLM), take their previously published ideas about teaching and teacher education further to detail a new paradigm in the preparation of teachers. Drawing on 30 years of teacher education research and their own experiences in redeveloping teacher education in Australia, Smith and Lynch explore what it means to be a teacher in the 2000s, outlining a new vision for the preparation of teachers in a Knowledge Age.

   Case Studies in Education: Leadership and Innovation    Richard Smith and David Lynch (Editors)

ABSTRACT:  What are the pressures for change acting on our education institutions today? What do these pressures for change mean for them? How are these institutions responding to such pressures? These questions set the agendas of governments and education professionals today. Change is endemic in modern society, no less so in educational institutions. The release of the 2011 Census data in Australia, for example, confirms the speed of change. It underscores the need for systematic change in education institutions at different levels and for a system that is finetuned to these changes. This book responds to these concerns through a collection of articles about schools and universities in the Knowledge Age in Australia and elsewhere. Chapters by academics, scholars and community leaders unravel the circumstances of education and provide an analysis of an education system struggling to find its way in a period of rapid social movement. To illustrate their ideas, chapter authors offer examples of innovations and the logistics necessary to change the current system


   Current Trends in Technology and Society    Rick Van der Zwan (Editor)

Technologies evolve in particular cultural contexts. The development of a new technology reflects the needs of, constraints on, and opportunities available to a society at a particular moment in time. In that way, each new technological innovation is a reflection of the culture and society in which it was developed. New technologies, and even persistent old ones, reflect the values of the societies in which they arise.

   The School Improvement Challenge  by Jake Madden

The 2000 schools era is enmeshed in a public discourse around improving student performance; with increasing scrutiny being applied to school results and the performance of teachers. Drawing on two decades of service as a primary school principal and coupling the findings of a study he instigated into teacher leadership and the principalship, Dr. Jake Madden tells how the principal can enhance student learning. Madden explains, through focused case studies in several schools, that effective schools have principals who are strong instructional leaders and work to harness the leadership capacities of their teachers. This is a book for school leaders who want insight into the capacities that come from engaging teachers in improving school performance.


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